Keeping Safe Drivers on The Road

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Keeping Safe Drivers on The Road

You would be alarmed at the drivers that are seeking ways to hide their past.

On one website it comforts “Felony Truck Drivers by stating...”The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates who a trucking company hires as a driver, and regulates the rules of employment during the course of the driver’s tenure.

Alarmingly it details further...."There are only 2 major criminal violations that can prevent a driver, from legally being employed."

  1. Distribution of, possession with intent to distribute, or importation of a controlled substance, illegal drugs.
  2. The use of criminal force with a weapon.

Not that the above crimes are not serious in nature, but there are countless others that are equal if not more alarming.

What is even more concerning is that there are avenues available for criminals to network and avoid companies having knowledge of prior convictions.

There are many loop holes in our systems today that can aid in criminals hiding their past. The important thing is making valuable changes in the way that we screen drivers to ensure that we are gathering as much information as possible to make educated hiring decisions about drivers.

Unless you are starting with a Nationwide Criminal Background are far from the truth.

It is beneficial for staffing to be up to date on processes and procedures to better limit the possibility of loop holes in the process.

The foundation and critical pieces of the screening process are as follows.

  • Social Security Trace
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Criminal Background
  • Drug Screening

With the unique nature of the transportation industry it is growing more imperative that employers get a broad scope of information about their drivers.

Historically, It is common for criminals to commit crimes close to where they live and work, however with a driver’s work being on the road all over the United States this is where the heightened concern lies.

It is up to today’s employers to go the extra mile in search of motor vehicle, criminal background, and driver safety records.