Criminals Network Through Blogging To Find The Right Landing Spot

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Criminals Network Through Blogging To Find The Right Landing Spot

Not just your average blog..

We live in a world where information is right at our fingertips. Just like most of us when we have a question we turn to the world wide web. In most cases we use this tool for ways to better ourselves, research, learn, and educate. In other cases these same tools can be used to avoid legalities and provide a network that can link the smoothest of criminals.

In a recent search to gain more information for clients in the real estate, leasing arena; we found that there are actually felons and sex offenders blogging about where to rent right along side people that are asking what they should make for dinner on a warm summer evening, or what wine to serve with an Italian dinner.

As alarmed as we were to see this happening we were also intrigued to research these blogs to find out what tactics criminals use to network around our many safety systems we have in place for renters today.

We found this shocking statement on one recent blog...” ...get someone who is a private owner, they will check your credit, but not your criminal background anyways. Now if you live in some fancy apartments they might want to check everything.”

This is why we find it so important to educate anyone who is leasing; no matter if you are leasing one property or several hundred; screening your tenants is the first and most important step in the process.

We educate our clients with the thought that the more you know about who you are leasing to; the more you can have peace of mind knowing that you have done your diligence in simply “knowing.”