Keep Our Animals Safe


Keep Our Animals Safe

There are so many ways to keep our animals safe. Of course it starts with safe home, safe owners, and most importantly lots of love!

It is heartbreaking to even think that someone could ever harm an animal.  Unfortunately, we all know that there are violent people out there.  The worst case scenario is to allow these people to continue to buy and adopt our animals. Integrascreens is committed to making a change in the way animals are adopted. There are obvious ways that people come to own an animal, through a pet store, shelter, breeder, or even a rescue group. Integrascreens is reaching out to these

organizations to develop a safer ways to screen their pet owners and adopters.  It is our goal to provide the necessary information about applicants to allow these organizations to put more time into saving precious animals.

Pawsitive Karma Rescue is screening all Volunteers, Fosters, and Adopters. They are passionate about ensuring their adopted pets go home to the safest environment possible!